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About LCVS Enterprises

We are an independent, not-for-profit company set up in 1981 with finance from the Department of the Environment and Leeds City Council to provide small low cost office and manufacturing units. Our aim is to help small business to start up and survive in the middle of Leeds. Since we started, many businesses have survived and thrived. Some have expanded and moved on.

The company

LCVS Enterprises Ltd is a Limited Company run by a board of trustees who give their time and services for free.

Our buildings at Aire Street and Dock Street in Leeds city centre are supervised by a manager who responds to the board and is available to give advice to help licensees.

Both workshops are managed in a similar fashion to provide accommodation for small enterprises which meet criteria from the following list.

Application criteria:

  • New or start up business
  • Redundant people making a fresh start on their own
  • Small co-operatives and social enterprises
  • Businesses that have been trading for less than 3 years
  • People who have been working or at ¬†from home or other subsidised accommodation
  • Manufacturing or office based services
  • Businesses should demonstrate that the local Leeds economy will benefit from their activities
  • Businesses must agree not to undertake direct retailing (like a shop) from the premises
  • Businesses should meet all Health & Safety requirements as laid down in legislation and must not pose a risk to others using the building
  • The maximum number of people working in each unit must not exceed safety requirements as per legislation on work space per worker
  • Licensees must agree to comply fully with all policies and procedures issued by the Board of LCVS Enterprises Ltd